Thursday, February 23, 2017

update for last night and tonight

Hello all-
Here is a lovely lovely video from the digital all sky camera at our downrange site in Venetie during the first rocket launch two nights ago.  The red dot that appears midway shows the location of the payload as it transits through the field of view of the camera.  We launched at 10:14 UT (time is shown in lower left);  we sent the call to drop below 3 minutes just before 10:10 (right when the sky goes dark!!!) but we could see it coming in the southwestern horizon of the Poker camera, so we knew that the substorm was approaching.

It seems clear that the little Bob payloads did not escape from the main payload during this first flight.  So we spent much of last night exploring that situation;  the payload for rocket 304 was removed from the rail and brought back to the assembly building so that we could explore it while the other mission counted their window (they did not launch, much snow).  All the things we can think of that may have caused the problem, do not seem evident in the second payload.  So we are considering and assessing, in order to decide whether we are comfortable returning the payload to the rail on Friday.  For tonight, we are taking our mandatory one-day-in-any-14-day-period off.  Scarily, we are within 14 days of the end of our window.....

In the meantime, the science team is making lots of plots of our excellent rocketA event.  We have lots of data to consider.

Also, here is our logo in draft, thanks Max and Robin!

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