Tuesday, February 14, 2017

First day of our window

This evening is the first day of our launch window.  However, it is snowing on our camera sites....and there is no aurora either....so it is a good night to work through and practice our turnon and countdown procedures.  The other mission (Dr Pfaff from NASA/GSFC), which has two rockets which will be launched 90 seconds apart (two rockets in the air at once, one at higher altitudes than the other) has gone vertical;  this means, they have pulled the shelters back and elevated the launchers.  The rockets are warm in their styrofoam boxes, so they will stay vertical until they are launched.  Our rockets are still horizontal, we are getting ready now to do some practice counts with them but we won't go vertical until tomorrow.

Here are two pretty pictures:  birch trees on the Birch Hill reserve, and balloons in our balloon inflation building:

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